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BYUH Store


Why don't you buy back all textbooks?

  • Either we've reached our quota, have sufficient quantities or the book is not being used for the coming semester.

When is book sellback?

  • Students are given the opportunity to sell their textbooks back to the bookstore during the week of finals in fall, winter, and spring semester.

When do you put out books for the new semester or term?

  • During the last two (2) weeks of every academic term, we start setting up our shelves for the upcoming new academic term.

Can I get a book loan?

  • All full-time students are pre-approved for a $450 book loan each semester. The book loans are open 10 days prior to the semester and end six weeks after the semester begin date. Book loans must be repaid before registering for the following semester.

Do you have Samoan, Tongan, or other foreign language dictionaries or textbooks?

  • Yes. If they have been requested for class use for the current academic term, they can be found on the textbook shelves under the course department and number.

How long does it take for a textbook to arrive once it's ordered?

  • In such cases, we can usually get the book within three to four (3-4) working days (excludes holidays or weekends).

Why are they so expensive?

  • Textbook prices are by-products of publishers, authors, and bookstores to cover their costs and return on investment. The National Association of Colleges Stores has come out with a graph that illustrates where every dollar of the textbook price goes.

How are they organized on the floor?

  • Textbooks are shelved alphabetically by the academic department and then numerically by course numbers and sections.

Where are textbooks located in the BYUH Store?

  • The textbook section is located in the far left corner of the store.