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BYU–Hawaii OHANA Cell Phone

New Activation/Upgrade T-Mobile Order

Phone Order Type

Payroll Deduction Options

If I choose a payroll deduction option, the phone will be paid via payroll deductions at a rate minimum of $50/paycheck until paid off. Additional partial or full payments can be made at the financial services cashiers office.

Payment Options

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Monthly Billing - through Payroll Deduction

Any monthly recurring service charges, one-time charges (equipment, plan fees and other T-Mobile one-time charges), usage charges (international long distance, international roaming, and other T-Mobile usage charges), overage usage, T-Mobile termination fees, insurance deductible and other charges to the employee’s cellular lines, will be deduced from the employee's following paycheck.

New device will be activated on

Plan Choices

Other Options

*Office Note: Need to complete Port Over form

Employee's Authorization

This box must be checked to authorize your request.