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Travel Policy and Procedures

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    The University provides travel management, planning, booking, expense management and other related services through Travel Services. Personnel traveling on University business are required to book travel reservations through this department. Any use of outside travel vendors, online travel websites for airline fares, tours, ground packages and other specialty travel must also be coordinated through Travel Services. Purchases, payments, or commitments made in any way other than outlined in this policy will be the personal responsibility of the individual.

    The University reimburses faculty, staff, authorized students, and university guests for legitimate, reasonable, and necessary expenses incurred while conducting approved University business in accordance with University policy. Authorization for future travel will not be granted and expenses will not be reimbursed unless the travel is made and reimbursement is claimed according to University policy and procedures. Under no circumstances shall expenses for personal travel be charged to, or be temporarily funded by the University unless prior approval is given.

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    The University uses Workday Expense for filing a pre-trip approval document called a Spend Authorization and a post-trip reimbursement document called an Expense Report. For instructions, training or questions about these documents contact Travel Services at 5-3393.

    The University designates a dean, department chair, associate/assistant vice president or director as the responsible party to approve, monitor, and provide accountability for travel activities in their respective areas. The on-line approval process of the responsible party indicates approval in advance of any planned travel, availability of sufficient funds to cover projected travel expenses, and compliance with the current University Travel Policy.

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    Travel Plan

    Travel Plan

    All personnel traveling on University business must file a Spend Authorization for each trip that requires them to be away from home overnight and/or requires them to use any form of commercial transportation. Spend Authorizations are not required for same-day travel that does not require any form of commercial transportation. The spend authorization should be filed at least 10 days prior to travel whenever possible.

    Normally, Spend Authorization is on an individual basis. However, students or other personnel may receive authorization to participate in group travel for a single activity with University personnel acting as advisor/coordinator. Examples are music/drama groups, student performing groups or classes attending mandatory field trips. For group travel approval, the advisor/coordinator should submit a Spend Authorization describing the nature of the activity and list the name of each group participant as a note on the Spend Authorization. Using a special ID created by Travel Services and the name one of the participant. Exceptions may apply.

    Upon returning from a trip, all personnel and groups must submit an approved expense report within 15 business days of their return.

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    Travel Expense Reimbursement

    Travel Expense Reimbursement

    All personnel traveling on a University-approved business must submit an Expense Report within fifteen (15) business days after returning from a trip. The traveler is to report actual expenditures and make an accounting of all financial activities for the trip. All trip expenses incurred must have an express business purpose. Travelers must not report personal expenses on this form (see NON-ALLOWABLE TRAVEL EXPENSES). A department designated approver is required to review and approve expense reports before any payment can be made.

    Travelers must submit other than meals per diem expenses, original itemized receipts for each expense exceeding $25.00 claimed on the Expense Report. Individual expense claims of less than $25.00 do not require receipts. All required receipts must show date, to whom paid, the amount and purpose of payment. Corporate charge card slips are not acceptable since they do not contain the detail required to make an effective reconciliation. All receipts should be sent to Travel Services containing the expense report document number.

    If original receipts are lost, a traveler must make a reasonable effort to obtain duplicates. If such efforts fail to produce duplicate receipts, the traveler must fill out a Lost/Missing Receipt Form from the Travel Services. The employee’s supervisor must sign and submit the form with the reimbursement request. Travel Services will evaluate the form for policy compliance and notify the traveler of its acceptance. The Lost/Missing Receipt Form is not applicable for Car Rental and Hotel receipts.

    Non-university persons accompanying University personnel will not receive reimbursement for travel expenses unless the appropriate vice president authorizes the travel in advance and an express business purpose is identified on the original travel application.

    Travelers filing reimbursement requests involving accounting for a University cash travel advance are responsible for the application of governing tax laws (see CASH ADVANCES for detail).

    Personnel functioning as advisors/coordinators for group travel and having responsibilities for booking airfare, lodging and other expenses should charge expenses on a corporate charge card. Upon returning from a group excursion, the advisor/coordinator must import all travel card transaction into an Expense Report within 15 calendar days. Receipts and complete documentation for all charges claimed must be submitted to Travel Services. If meal money has been advanced to the trip advisor/coordinator and distributed to group participants, a list of amounts distributed and signature of the recipient must also be submitted to Financial Services with the receipt packet and the total amount entered under the Group Per Diem category in the Expense Report.

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    Travel At Vendor Expense

    Travel At Vendor Expense

    Personnel may not accept complimentary travel, hotel or food expenses paid by a vendor where the purpose of the vendor is to sell or promote a product or service. Proposed travel of this nature must be disclosed to and an exception obtained by the vice-president that oversees the department. This does not apply to training trips regarding equipment or services that the University has or will make payment as part of the purchase price.

    Travel Services must approve and process any donations or donations-in-kind for services, trade agreements, airline rebates, other travel monies or services offered at no charge to the University or its personnel, departments or programs.

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    Travelers Coming to BYU–Hawaii on University Business

    Travelers Coming to BYU–Hawaii on University Business

    Vendors and non-university personnel being brought to the University for business purposes must use Travel Services to do their airline booking, hotel and car rental if all expenses are being paid by the university. Outside personnel are also subject to the BYU–Hawaii per diem rates for Hawaii.

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    Travel Companions

    Travel Companions

    Family, spouse or other persons may accompany personnel traveling on university business. However, if such persons are to travel at University expense, advance authorization must be obtained and the express business purpose of the companion’s travel must be documented. Spouses who travel with the employee on a University-approved tour, who act as a chaperone, may accompany employee when appropriate and must be approved by the Vice President in advance of the trip.

    Unrelated university colleagues of the opposite sex should exercise sensitivity and good judgment when traveling together on university business so as not to compromise the integrity of appropriate personnel relationships or to reflect poorly on the university or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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    On Island Travel/Lodging

    On Island Travel/Lodging

    University personnel attending an extended conference in the Honolulu area must submit a Spend Authorization if travel-related expenses (Per diem, lodging etc.) will be incurred.

    Lodging at hotels in the Honolulu area is discouraged due to the distance and travel time to and from Laie. If there is a reasonable request by the attendee to stay at the conference hotel, a written approval by the dean/director must accompany the Spend Authorization.

    Where possible, employees should use university vehicles to travel on university business. If employees choose to use private vehicles for on island travel, they may receive reimbursement at the current rate of $0.58 per mile. Additionally, when a private vehicle is used, the insurance for the private vehicle would have primary responsibility for financial loss should an accident occur. Normal commuting mileage to and from work is not reimbursable under any circumstances.

    Meals are not reimbursable if the attendee is not staying overnight.

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    Airport Mileage Reimbursement

    Airport Mileage Reimbursement

    Travelers using personal vehicles to travel to and from the airport may request mileage reimbursement for two round trips ($0.545 per mile). Roundtrip from Laie to Honolulu Airport is 70 miles ($40.25). Roundtrip from Hauula is 64 miles, Kahuku is 76 miles.

    Under special circumstances, airport shuttles, rental cars and long-term parking at the airport are allowed. Long term parking at the airport should not exceed $150 including mileage for one round trip. Receipts are required with your travel expenses.

    Vendors and non-university personnel coming for university business will not be reimbursed for mileage to and from the airport and long-term parking. Exceptions must have prior approval by the President Council.

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    Travel- Privately Owned Vehicles

    Travel- Privately Owned Vehicles

    Travelers driving privately owned vehicles on approved University business that qualify under the above guidelines are eligible for mileage reimbursement at $0.58 per mile. Travel Services will calculate mileage between cities based on official state highway maps showing the shortest, most widely traveled route between cities.

    The above reimbursement rates cover all fuel, maintenance, insurance, transportation, and operating costs. Travelers do not receive separate reimbursement for fuel costs for private automobiles. Damage to personal automobiles used on University business is covered by private insurance. The University does not assume liability or responsibility for deductibles or other uninsured loss to the vehicle or its occupants (see Insurance below).

    The University will reimburse tolls and reasonable off-airport parking charges in addition to the mileage allowance if the traveler provides complete receipts with the Travel Expense. There is no reimbursement for the cost of repairs, towing charges, or other such costs whether they result from the traveler's acts or the actions of others. Tickets for parking and moving violations are the responsibility of the traveler and are not reimbursable.

    Whenever the usage of a personal automobile for approved University travel is primarily for the convenience of the traveler, reimbursement will not exceed the lesser of the cost of the per-mile reimbursement plus tolls or the most reasonable round-trip airfare between the nearest commercial airport serving the origin and destination cities plus associated transfer costs to and from airports and parking. The traveler does not receive reimbursement for extra expenses, such as meals and lodging, INCURRED BECAUSE OF PERSONAL AUTOMOBILE USAGE when commercial airline transportation is less expensive. To determine the amount to be reimbursed, travelers should contact Travel Services IN ADVANCE OF THE TRIP to have the airfare to mileage comparison calculated and approved.

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    Commercial Air Travel and Checked Baggage

    Commercial Air Travel

    Travelers are responsible to book air travel at the most economical rates using normally traveled routes. In the event that a traveler chooses a higher fare than the lowest applicable fare, assuming the scheduling and convenience factors to be equal, approval must be obtained from the responsible dean or associate/ assistant vice president to purchase the fare.


    Frequent flyer miles earned on travel funded by the University are maintained and redeemed individually by University personnel. However, the university will not reimburse personnel for the business use of their accumulated frequent flyer miles.

    Travelers who experience changes in trip plans, missed flights, making the purchase of a necessary additional airline ticket, or other difficulties during a trip, or other difficulties during a trip, making the purchase of an additional airline ticket necessary, may charge it to their University-issued corporate charge card. The traveler must return all applicable receipts to Travel Services when requesting reimbursement. Travelers must return any unused airline tickets to the Travel Services office as soon as possible. Upon processing of the ticket refund, if possible, the respective campus department will receive credit for the refund. If the ticket is non-refundable, the ticket will be returned to the campus department for use on a future trip. All such tickets remain the property of the University and must be used for business travel. Tickets being held for exchange on a later trip may not be used for personal travel.

    Checked Baggage

    A traveler may take one check-in and one carry-on luggage on their business trip. Any additional check-in luggage must be paid personally by the traveler. If a traveler is asking for reimbursement for an extra luggage or overweight fee, a written approval by his/her supervisor must accompany the traveler’s expense.

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    Corporate Charge Cards

    Corporate Charge Cards

    The University provides, upon approved application and at no charge, a corporate travel card to qualifying full-time faculty and staff for the purpose of charging legitimate travel expenses to the University. Personal charges should not be made on University corporate travel cards. At the conclusion of a trip, all card charges must be reported and reconciled within 15 business days.

    Whenever possible, personnel should charge lodging, car rentals, meals, registration, and other University approved business travel expenses to their corporate charge card.

    The Corporate travel card must be used for travel-related group expenses. (Examples are music/drama groups, a student performing groups or classes attending mandatory field trips.)

    Travel Services will contact travelers on overdue expense reports. If an employee still does not account for corporate card transactions in their Expense Report within 60 days of the transaction date, the University may suspend charge privileges until the employee clears the account. If an employee does not account for corporate card transactions within 90 days of the transaction date Travel Services will suspend their travel privileges and cancel their travel card. Personnel who have canceled cards due to intentional nonpayment may not rejoin the program unless there is an approval by his/her vice-president.

    If an employee's corporate charge card becomes lost or stolen, the cardholder should contact Bank of America immediately to report the incident. If the card is lost after working hours the cardholder should contact Visa directly at 1-800-VISA-911 to report the loss and then report the incident to Travel Services during regular business hours.

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    Extended Trips

    Extended Trips

    Full-time personnel traveling for extended periods of time (at least 60 days but not more than one year) may either travel under the regular travel policy or receive approval from the appropriate vice president for per diem only reimbursement to cover all expenses of the trip. The negotiated per diem rate may not exceed the maximum federal per diem rate for meals and lodging for the specific approved travel destination(s), as published by the IRS and State Department. The Travel Services office will assist in planning extended trips and in determining appropriate per diem allowances within the published federal rates. Personnel traveling on meal and lodging per diem allowances are not required to itemize expenses or to provide supporting receipts, but rather will receive a straight per diem to cover all expenses. However, travelers must confirm to the Travel Services office the times, places and business purposes of the trip every 90 days or at the conclusion of the trip, whichever is less

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    Hosting and Entertainment

    Hosting and Entertainment

    Occasionally, it may become necessary to host other individuals' meals while traveling. Entertainment, however, represented, is not an allowable charge without specific, prior approval at the vice president level. Costs for approved hosting activities are reimbursable only under the following conditions and with documentation of the specific business purpose (see Non-travel Related Business Meals and Entertainment section for documentation requirements):

    * Individuals hosted should not be other University personnel also in approved travel status.

    * The hosting employee must submit the Expense Report request stating the business purpose of the meal and the names of non-University persons hosted. The employee must submit complete, actual receipts for the meal to receive reimbursement.

    * When hosting, the traveler must adhere to the current Per Diem rate of the city or state he/she is hosting in.

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    Non-Allowable Travel Expenses

    Non-Allowable Travel Expenses

    Some expenses are the personal responsibility of the employee and are not reimbursable. The following list is not all inclusive, but show examples of such non-reimbursable expenses.

    • Personal and family expenses
    • Gifts and souvenirs
    • Valet and room service charges
    • Personal medical and dental expenses
    • Personal reading material, recreation, and entertainment
    • Travel insurance in excess of that already provided
    • Costs incurred by traveler's failure to cancel transportation or hotel reservations
    • Commuting between home and work
    • Corporate charge card delinquency or late charge assessments (there may be an exception if the delinquency assessment is not due to the actions of the traveler)
    • Haircuts, newspapers, babysitting, shoe shines
    • Parking and traffic citations
    • Reimbursement or payment for frequent flyer benefits and reduced or free flight coupons issued by the airlines
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    Non-Travel Related Business Meals and Entertainment

    Non-Travel Related Business Meals and Entertainment

    It may be appropriate to include meals or other expenses in the regular conduct of day-to-day business which furthers the interest of the University and has an express business purpose. Each department chair or administrative manager authorized to approve such activities should carefully consider the appropriateness of food and other related purchases.

    The University considers this type of expense as non-travel related and general business expense. Departments should cover these expenses by using either their travel corporate card or a purchasing card. Personnel may request reimbursement for such expenses, if needed, on an Expense Report

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    Personal Vacation While in Travel Status

    Personal Vacation While in Travel Status

    A traveler must indicate any personal vacation time and expense on the Expense Report when claiming allowable business travel expenses where business and personal vacation time are combined within the same trip period. The subsistence allowance and other University financial support for travel-related expenses cease during personal vacation periods. In addition, travel, lodging, or meal expenses for spouses or other dependents are not reimbursable.

    When combining personal vacation with business and traveling through use of a University vehicle or motor pool vehicle, all vacation mileage and any expense associated with using a larger vehicle than would normally be required for the purpose of transporting family members should be logged and reimbursed to the University upon conclusion of the trip. In general, any personal expenses associated with vacation and family travel should be paid from personal funds.

    Vacation time taken in conjunction with an official business trip should, when applicable be reported as such, upon conclusion of the trip.

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    Registration Fees

    Registration Fees

    Registration fees for meetings and conferences are reimbursable. The traveler should use the University-issued Visa card whenever possible. Where University corporate cards are not accepted, the traveler may use a department purchasing card. When using this type of payment, the traveler should not request reimbursement in addition to the direct payment.

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    Special Travel

    Special Travel

    Official visitors to campus may receive reimbursement, if authorized, for travel expenses incurred within the business purpose of their University visit, consistent with this policy. Travel arrangements should be booked through Travel Services.

    University personnel involved in making reimbursement commitments to incoming guests should have prior approval from Travel Services and be in compliance with all tax and immigration laws required in the reimbursement process. Departments should not make any payments or reimbursements to individuals from foreign countries that are not traveling on an approved working visa.

    Travel for such purposes as employment interviews at the University and visits to the University by lecturers and other official visitors is special travel and is governed by the general University Travel Policy. Department budgets and/or the terms of contracts and grants often limit funds to support special travel. University personnel should not make a commitment to incoming individuals for paying or reimbursing travel expenses without receiving approval from the appropriate dean or director/vice president. This is a general standard within the University. An individual dean or director/vice president may, at their discretion, approve more specific or restrictive policies for individual department needs

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    Student Travel

    Student Travel

    The University recognizes student travel activities may provide outstanding learning experiences. To promote such safe and quality educational learning experiences, all University-approved student travel must follow the procedures outlined in this Travel Procedures. ("Approved" and "authorized" are intended to be interchangeable terms in this policy.) In addition, the conduct and dress of all participants must be in accordance with the Honor Code and Dress and Grooming Standards.

    Regular Student Business and Activities Travel

    Certain student travel may involve student participation in activities for the benefit of the University sufficient for the University to pay the expenses. This type of student travel may include, but is not limited to, students traveling to present papers or making formal performances or presentations on behalf of the University. With proper application and approval, this type of trip may be payable from University funding.

    The University Travel Policy will govern student travel activities in all areas except meals. Special meal needs for performing groups where the physical demands expected of the student participants require additional nourishment may be addressed. In these instances, individual college Deans/Directors may choose from the following meal provision options:

    OPTION 1 -- Student participants engaged in BYUH sponsored and approved student activities may be entitled to a meal allowance at the discretion of the Dean/Director and according to availability of budgeted funds. University personnel advisors may distribute to students from personal travel advance funds an appropriate amount of meal money not to exceed the established subsistence allowance. Group advisors must submit a list of students receiving meal money through Financial Services prior to leaving on their trip. Receipts are not required; however, group advisors must submit a list of students receiving meal money, the amount of money received by each student and the signature of the student receiving the money.

    OPTION 2 -- Group advisors may choose to have the entire group eat together for all meals and account for the meal expense as a group expense. If this option is used, reimbursement will be made for the actual meal costs with receipts required. Itemized receipts are required to be submitted with the reimbursement request. University advisors are considered to be engaged in hosting activities by using this option and may be reimbursed actual meal amounts with receipts when eating with the group. Deans and Directors should exercise caution and good judgment when authorizing this meal option as meal expenditures should not be extravagant. Meal expenditures determined to be unreasonable by the appropriate vice president will not be reimbursed

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    Travel Advances

    Travel Advances

    The University functions under the Internal Revenue Services "Accountable Cash Advance Plan" for classification purposes. As a result of that classification, personnel requesting cash advances must comply with the following restrictions:

    • The advance must be obtained and used for business expenses only by a University employee in connection with services performed as an employee.
    • An employee must substantiate all cash advance expense within 30 days of issuance.
    • Employees must base the advance on a reasonable estimate of anticipated expenses. They must draw the advance within a reasonable period before incurring the expenses.
    • Personnel must account for all expenses, submit complete receipts and return any unspent portion of any advance within 30 days of the original date issued.

    Cash advances will not be issued on domestic trips unless approved by the line vice-president.

    Students or non-University personnel may not receive travel advances. If a student or non-University person requires an advance, a responsible employee must personally request the advance in his/her name and assume full responsibility for the business purpose, accounting and complete documentation for the advance.

    The University considers a travel advance a personal loan, and the traveler must account for it within 15 calendar days of returning from a trip. After completing an Expense Report if an employee owes money back to the University a check should be submitted to Travel Services. Travelers should not submit cash with the receipt packet. Travel advances left unsubstantiated and unspent balances not returned within 60 days will be reported as taxable income to the employee.

    An employee must document expenses related to the advance and return any unused portion of the advance within 15 business days of returning or within 60 calendar days of issuance of the advance (whichever is earlier).Travelers who were more than 60 days delinquent in processing their travel expenses must have approval from their line vice-president before they can travel again. Travelers who do not account for earlier travel advances will not receive an additional advance. Travelers engaging in back-to-back trips should reconcile all outstanding advance activity before leaving on a later trip.

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    Travel Insurance

    Travel Insurance

    All personnel traveling on University business (including students) have coverage under the University's blanket travel insurance policy. Personnel choosing to purchase additional travel insurance other than what is currently provided must do so at their own personal expense.

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    Travel Subsistence Allowance and Foreign Travel Subsistence

    Travel Subsistence Allowance and Foreign Travel Subsistence

    Travel Subsistence Allowance

    6:01 a.m. to 12:00 noonBreakfast
    12:01 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.Lunch
    6:01 p.m. to 12:00 midnightDinner

    (NOTE: The period of time from 12:01 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. may be used to extend either the breakfast or dinner meal period as needed.)

    The above times apply to the time zone the actual travel occurs in.

    Destination cities are assigned a certain per diem level. The levels assigned to each city/county and the breakdown of levels as they relate to each meal period are listed on the current per diem table.

    No receipts are needed for meals when using either the corporate travel card or your personal credit card.

    LevelLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
    Breakfast$ 7.00$ 8.00$ 9.00$10.00$11.00$12.00

    The breakdown of levels as they relate to specific cities/counties/ are listed on the per diem table.
    Per diem localities with county definitions shall include "all locations within or entirely surrounded by, the corporate limits of the key city as well as the boundaries of the listed counties, including independent entities located within the boundaries of the key city and the listed counties."

    The current rate for Alaska, Hawaii and all foreign countries is the highest level of $64.00 per day.

    ALBirminghamJefferson / Shelby$ 59
    ALGulf ShoresBaldwin$ 64
    ALMobileMobile$ 59
    ARHot SpringsGarland$ 59
    ARLittle RockPulaski$ 59
    AZGrand Canyon / FlagstaffCoconino / Yavapai less the city of Sedona$ 64
    AZKayentaNavajo$ 59
    AZPhoenix / ScottsdaleMaricopa$ 59
    AZSedonaCity Limits of Sedona$ 74
    AZTucsonPima$ 59
    CAAntioch / Brentwood / ConcordContra Costa$ 64
    CABakersfield / RidgecrestKern$ 59
    CABarstow / Ontario / VictorvilleSan Bernardino$ 54
    CADeath ValleyInyo$ 64
    CAEureka / Arcata / McKinleyvilleHumboldt$ 74
    CAFresnoFresno$ 64
    CALos AngelesLos Angeles / Orange / Ventura / Edwards AFB less the city of Santa Monica$ 64
    CAMammoth LakesMono$ 74
    CAMill Valley / San Rafael / NovatoMarin$ 74
    CAMontereyMonterey$ 74
    CANapaNapa$ 69
    CAOakhurstMadera$ 64
    CAOaklandAlameda$ 69
    CAPalm SpringsRiverside$ 64
    CAPoint Arena / GualalaMendocino$ 69
    CASacramentoSacramento$ 64
    CASan DiegoSan Diego$ 64
    CASan FranciscoSan Francisco$ 74
    CASan Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo$ 64
    CASan Mateo / Foster City / BelmontSan Mateo$ 69
    CASanta BarbaraSanta Barbara$ 74
    CASanta CruzSanta Cruz$ 59
    CASanta MonicaCity limits of Santa Monica$ 64
    CASanta RosaSonoma$ 64
    CASouth Lake TahoeEl Dorado$ 64
    CAStocktonSan Joaquin$ 64
    CASunnyvale / Palo Alto / San JoseSanta Clara$ 64
    CATahoe CityPlacer$ 64
    CATruckeeNevada$ 74
    CAVisalia / LemooreTulare / Kings$ 59
    CAWest Sacramento / DavisYolo$ 64
    CAYosemite National ParkMariposa$ 69
    COAspenPitkin$ 74
    COBoulder / BroomfieldBoulder / Broomfield$ 59
    COColorado SpringsEl Paso$ 59
    COCortezMontezuma$ 59
    COCrested Butte / GunnisonGunnison$ 64
    CODenver / AuroraDenver / Adams / Arapahoe / Jefferson$ 69
    CODouglasDouglas$ 59
    CODurangoLa Plata$ 64
    COFort Collins / LovelandLarimer$ 59
    COGrand LakeGrand$ 64
    COMontroseMontrose$ 64
    COSilverthorne / BreckenridgeSummit$ 64
    COSteamboat SpringsRoutt$ 74
    COTellurideSan Miguel$ 74
    COVailEagle$ 74
    CTBridgeport / DanburyFairfield$ 64
    CTCromwell / Old SaybrookMiddlesex$ 64
    CTHartfordHartford$ 59
    CTNew HavenNew Haven$ 64
    CTNew London / GrotonNew London$ 64
    DCDistrict of ColumbiaWashington DC (also the cities of Alexandria, Falls Church and Fairfax, and the counties of Arlington and Fairfax, in Virginia; and the counties of Montgomery and Prince George's in Maryland)$ 69
    DEDoverKent$ 54
    DELewesSussex$ 59
    DEWilmingtonNew Castle$ 54
    FLBoca Raton / Delray Beach / JupiterPalm Beach / Hendry$ 59
    FLBradentonManatee$ 54
    FLCocoa BeachBrevard$ 64
    FLDaytona BeachVolusia$ 59
    FLFort LauderdaleBroward$ 64
    FLFort MyersLee$ 59
    FLFort Walton Beach / De Funiak SpringsOkaloosa / Walton$ 64
    FLGainesvilleAlachua$ 59
    FLGulf BreezeSanta Rosa$ 64
    FLKey WestMonroe$ 69
    FLMiamiMiami-Dade$ 64
    FLNaplesCollier$ 64
    FLOrlandoOrange$ 59
    FLPanama CityBay$ 59
    FLPensacolaEscambia$ 59
    FLPunta GordaCharlotte$ 59
    FLSarasotaSarasota$ 59
    FLSebringHighlands$ 54
    FLSt. AugustineSt. Johns$ 59
    FLStuartMartin$ 59
    FLTallahasseeLeon$ 54
    FLTampa / St. PetersburgPinellas / Hillsborough$ 54
    FLVero BeachIndian River$ 59
    GAAthensClarke$ 59
    GAAtlantaFulton / Dekalb / Cobb$ 69
    GAAugustaRichmond$ 59
    GAJekyll Island / BrunswickGlynn$ 64
    GASavannahChatham$ 59
    IADallasDallas$ 54
    IADes MoinesPolk$ 59
    IDCoeur d'AleneKootenai$ 59
    IDSun Valley / KetchumBlaine / Elmore$ 54
    ILBolingbrook / Romeoville / LemontWill$ 54
    ILChicagoCook / Lake$ 74
    ILO'Fallon / Fairview CollinsvilleBond / Calhoun / Clinton / Jersey / Macoupin / Madison / Monroe / St. Clair$ 54
    ILOak Brook TerraceDupage$ 59
    INBloomingtonMonroe$ 69
    INFt. WayneAllen$ 54
    INHammond / Munster / MerrillvilleLake$ 59
    INIndianapolis / CarmelMarion / Hamilton$ 54
    INLafayette / West LafayetteTippecanoe$ 54
    INSouth BendSt. Joseph$ 59
    KSKansas City / Overland ParkWyandotte / Johnson / Leavenworth$ 64
    KSWichitaSedgwick$ 59
    KYBooneBoone$ 54
    KYKentonKenton$ 69
    KYLexingtonFayette$ 54
    KYLouisvilleJefferson$ 59
    LAAlexandria / Leesville / NatchitochesAllen / Jefferson Davis / Natchitoches / Rapides / Vernon Parishes$ 64
    LABaton RougeEast Baton Rouge Parish$ 59
    LANew OrleansOrleans / St. Bernard / Jefferson / Plaquemine Parishes$ 64
    MAAndoverEssex$ 59
    MABoston / CambridgeSuffolk, city of Cambridge$ 69
    MABurlington / WoburnMiddlesex less the city of Cambridge$ 64
    MAFalmouthCity limits of Falmouth$ 64
    MAHyannisBarnstable less the city of Falmouth$ 64
    MAMartha's VineyardDukes$ 74
    MANantucketNantucket$ 74
    MANorthamptonHampshire$ 64
    MAPittsfieldBerkshire$ 64
    MAPlymouth / Taunton / New BedfordPlymouth / Bristol$ 59
    MAQuincyNorfolk$ 59
    MASpringfieldHampden$ 59
    MAWorcesterWorcester$ 59
    MDAberdeen / Bel Air / BelcampHarford$ 59
    MDAnnapolisAnne Arundel$ 69
    MDBaltimore CityBaltimore City$ 69
    MDBaltimore CountyBaltimore$ 59
    MDCambridge / St. MichaelsDorchester / Talbot$ 64
    MDCentrevilleQueen Anne$ 69
    MDColumbiaHoward$ 64
    MDFrederickFrederick$ 59
    MDOcean CityWorcester$ 64
    MEBar HarborHancock$ 74
    MEKennebunk / Kittery / SanfordYork$ 59
    MEPortlandCumberland / Sagadahoc$ 59
    MERockportKnox$ 69
    MIAnn ArborWashtenaw$ 59
    MIBenton Harbor / St. Joseph / StevensvilleBerrien$ 54
    MIDetroitWayne$ 54
    MIEast Lansing / LansingIngham / Eaton$ 59
    MIGrand RapidsKent$ 59
    MIHollandOttawa$ 59
    MIKalamazoo / Battle CreekKalamazoo / Calhoun$ 54
    MIMackinac IslandMackinac$ 59
    MIMidlandMidland$ 54
    MIMuskegonMuskegon$ 54
    MIPetoskeyEmmet$ 59
    MIPontiac / Auburn HillsOakland$ 54
    MISouth HavenVan Buren$ 59
    MITraverse City / LelandGrand Traverse / Leelanau$ 74
    MNDuluthSt. Louis$ 64
    MNEagan / Burnsville / Mendota d>Dakota$ 59
    MNMinneapolis / St. PaulHennepin / Ramsey$ 64
    MNRochesterOlmsted$ 64
    MOKansas CityJackson / Clay / Cass / Platte$ 64
    MOSt. LouisSt. Louis / St. Louis City / St. Charles / Crawford / Franklin / Jefferson / Lincoln / Warren / Washington$ 54
    MSOxfordLafayette$ 64
    MSSouthavenDesoto$ 59
    MSStarkvilleOktibbeha$ 54
    MTBig Sky / West YellowstoneGallatin$ 59
    MTButteSilver Bow$ 64
    MTGlendive / SidneyDawson / Richland$ 69
    MTHelenaLewis and Clark$ 64
    MTMissoula / Polson / KalispellMissoula / Lake / Flathead$ 59
    NCAshevilleBuncombe$ 59
    NCAtlantic Beach / Morehead CityCarteret$ 64
    NCChapel HillOrange$ 69
    NCCharlotteMecklenburg$ 59
    NCDurhamDurham$ 59
    NCFayettevilleCumberland$ 54
    NCGreensboroGuilford$ 54
    NCKill DevilDare$ 64
    NCRaleighWake$ 59
    NCWilmingtonNew Hanover$ 59
    NDWillistonWilliams / Mountrail / McKenzie$ 69
    NEOmahaDouglas$ 64
    NHConcordMerrimack$ 59
    NHConwayCaroll$ 54
    NHDurhamStrafford$ 54
    NHLaconiaBelknap$ 69
    NHLebanon / Lincoln / West LebanonGrafton / Sullivan$ 64
    NHManchesterHillsborough$ 64
    NHPortsmouthRockingham$ 59
    NJAtlantic City / Ocean City / Cape MayAtlantic / Cape May$ 64
    NJCherry Hill / MoorestownCamden / Burlington$ 59
    NJEatontown / FreeholdMonmouth$ 59
    NJEdison / PiscatawayMiddlesex$ 59
    NJFlemingtonHunterdon$ 64
    NJNewarkEssex / Bergen / Hudson / Passaic$ 64
    NJParsippanyMorris$ 59
    NJPrinceton / TrentonMercer$ 59
    NJSomersetSomerset$ 59
    NJSpringfield / Cranford / New ProvidenceUnion$ 59
    NJToms RiverOcean$ 64
    NMCarlsbadEddy$ 54
    NMLas CrucesDona Ana$ 59
    NMSanta FeSanta Fe$ 64
    NMTaosTaos$ 69
    NVIncline Village / Reno / SparksWashoe$ 64
    NVLas VegasClark$ 64
    NYAlbanyAlbany$ 59
    NYBinghamton / OwegoBroome / Tioga$ 59
    NYBuffaloErie$ 64
    NYFloral Park / Garden City / Great NeckNassau$ 69
    NYGlens FallsWarren$ 64
    NYIthaca / Waterloo / RomulusTompkins / Seneca$ 59
    NYKingstonUlster$ 69
    NYLake PlacidEssex$ 74
    NYNew York CityBronx / Kings / New York / Queens / Richmond$ 74
    NYNiagara FallsNiagara$ 59
    NYNyack / PalisadesRockland$ 64
    NYPoughkeepsieDutchess$ 64
    NYRiverhead / Ronkonkoma / MelvilleSuffolk$ 64
    NYRochesterMonroe$ 59
    NYSaratoga Springs / SchenectadySaratoga / Schenectady$ 64
    NYSyracuse / OswegoOnondaga / Oswego$ 59
    NYTarrytown / White Plains / New RochelleWestchester$ 64
    NYTroyRensselaer$ 64
    NYWest PointOrange$ 59
    OHAkronSummit$ 54
    OHCantonStark$ 59
    OHCincinnatiHamilton / Clermont$ 69
    OHClevelandCuyahoga$ 69
    OHColumbusFranklin$ 59
    OHDayton / FairbornGreene / Darke / Montgomery$ 59
    OHHamiltonButler / Warren$ 54
    OHMedina / WoosterWayne / Medina$ 54
    OHMentorLake$ 59
    OHSandusky / BellevueErie / Huron$ 54
    OKOklahoma CityOklahoma$ 59
    ORBeavertonWashington$ 59
    ORBendDeschutes$ 59
    ORClackamasClackamas$ 59
    OREugene / FlorenceLane$ 59
    ORLincoln CityLincoln$ 59
    ORPortlandMultnomah$ 64
    ORSeasideClatsop$ 69
    PAAllentown / Easton / BethlehemLehigh / Northampton$ 59
    PABucksBucks$ 59
    PAChester / Radnor / EssingtonDelaware$ 64
    PAErieErie$ 54
    PAGettysburgAdams$ 64
    PAHarrisburgDauphin County excluding Hershey$ 69
    PAHersheyHershey$ 69
    PALancasterLancaster$ 59
    PAMalvern / Frazer / BerwynChester$ 59
    PAMontgomeryMontgomery$ 64
    PAPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia$ 64
    PAPittsburghAllegheny$ 54
    PAReadingBerks$ 54
    PAState CollegeCentre$ 59
    RIEast Greenwich / Warwick / North KingstownKent / Washington$ 59
    RIJamestown / Middletown / NewportNewport$ 59
    RIProvidence / BristolProvidence / Bristol$ 59
    SCAikenAiken$ 59
    SCCharlestonCharleston / Berkeley / Dorchester$ 69
    SCColumbiaRichland / Lexington$ 59
    SCHilton HeadBeaufort$ 64
    SCMyrtle BeachHorry$ 59
    SDHot SpringsFall River / Custer$ 59
    SDRapid CityPennington$ 59
    SDSturgis / SpearfishMeade / Butte / Lawrence$ 59
    TNBrentwood / FranklinWilliamson$ 59
    TNChattanoogaHamilton$ 64
    TNKnoxvilleKnox$ 59
    TNMemphisShelby$ 59
    TNNashvilleDavidson$ 59
    TXArlington / Fort Worth / GrapevineTarrant County / City of Grapevine$ 59
    TXAustinTravis$ 59
    TXBig SpringHoward$ 54
    TXCollege StationBrazos$ 59
    TXCorpus ChristiNueces$ 59
    TXDallasDallas$ 64
    TXEl PasoEl Paso$ 59
    TXGalvestonGalveston$ 64
    TXHouston (L.B. Johnson Space Center)Montgomery / Fort Bend / Harris$ 59
    TXPecosReeves$ 54
    TXPlanoCollin$ 59
    TXRound RockWilliamson$ 59
    TXSan AntonioBexar$ 64
    TXSouth Padre IslandCameron$ 59
    TXWacoMcLennan$ 59
    UTMoabGrand$ 64
    UTPark CitySummit$ 74
    UTProvoUtah$ 59
    UTSalt Lake CitySalt Lake / Tooele$ 59
    VAAbingdonWashington$ 69
    VABlacksburgMontgomery$ 59
    VACharlottesvilleCity of Charlottesville / Albemarle / Greene$ 69
    VALoudounLoudoun$ 59
    VALynchburgCampbell / Lynchburg City$ 59
    VARichmondCity of Richmond$ 64
    VARoanokeCity limits of Roanoke$ 59
    VAVirginia BeachCity of Virginia Beach$ 59
    VAWallops IslandAccomack$ 64
    VAWarrentonFauquier$ 59
    VAWilliamsburg / YorkJames City / York Counties / City of Williamsburg$ 64
    VTBurlington / St. Albans / MiddleburyChittenden / Franklin / Addison$ 64
    VTManchesterBennington$ 69
    VTMontpelierWashington$ 74
    VTStoweLamoille$ 74
    VTWhite River JunctionWindsor$ 69
    WAEverett / LynnwoodSnohomish$ 64
    WAOcean ShoresGrays Harbor$ 69
    WAOlympia / TumwaterThurston$ 69
    WAPort Angeles / Port TownsendClallam / Jefferson$ 74
    WARichland / PascoBenton / Franklin$ 59
    WASeattleKing$ 74
    WASpokaneSpokane$ 64
    WATacomaPierce$ 64
    WAVancouverClark / Cowlitz / Skamania$ 64
    WIAppletonOutagamie$ 64
    WIBrookfield / RacineWaukesha / Racine$ 59
    WIMadisonDane$ 59
    WIMilwaukeeMilwaukee$ 64
    WISheboyganSheboygan$ 59
    WISturgeon BayDoor$ 54
    WIWisconsin DellsColumbia$ 59
    WVCharlestonKanawha$ 54
    WVMorgantownMonongalia$ 54
    WVWheelingOhio$ 54
    WYCodyPark$ 64
    WYEvanston / Rock SpringsSweetwater / Uinta$ 59
    WYJackson / PinedaleTeton / Sublette$ 74
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    Travel Taxis and Airline/Hotel Shuttle Service and Rental-Automobiles

    Travel Taxis and Airline/Hotel Shuttle Service and Rental-Automobiles

    Travel-taxis And Airline /Hotel Shuttle Service

    Taxi and other types of livery or conveyance are reimbursable for official business-related travel as follows:

    * Transportation at destination terminal to place of lodging and return trip.

    * Transportation between business appointments or hotels and places of temporary duty.

    * Transportation for blind or physically disabled persons, providing the fare is within reasonable limits.

    Following the above guidelines, reasonable charges for taxi and airline or hotel limousine service are reimbursable when other modes of travel are not available or practical. To avoid unnecessary taxi expenses, personnel should utilize regularly scheduled airport, bus or limousine service between terminal facilities and hotels, if available. Many hotels offer complimentary hotel shuttle services.

    Taxi charges are reimbursable specifically for travel related approved University business. Ride sharing services or taxis between hotel and airport are allowable; however, taxis from a hotel to a restaurant for sightseeing trips are not allowable.

    Travel-Rental Automobiles

    The university reimburses the cost of a mid-size rented automobile. In exceptional cases, the university will reimburse for the use of larger vehicles (several travelers in one vehicle, equipment transported, etc.). Rental vehicles should not be used if less expensive transportation is available.

    Whenever a rental car is used as the primary source of transportation and is primarily for the convenience of the traveler, reimbursement will not exceed the lesser of the cost of the rental car plus fuel and taxes or the most reasonable round-trip airfare between the nearest commercial airport serving the origin and destination cities plus associated transfer costs to and from airports and parking. The traveler will not receive reimbursement for extra expenses, such as meals and lodging in transit, the cost of a larger vehicle to transport family members or other non-business related guests, or other expenses incurred for personal benefit when commercial airline transportation is less expensive.

    The University's primary car rental suppliers are National and Hertz. These companies offer considerable discounts off normal rates, complete insurance coverage while operating a rental vehicle, discounts off international rental activity, and good vehicle availability both on and off airport nationwide.

    Travelers should refuel the rental car before returning it to avoid the high cost of gasoline at the rental agency.


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    Travelers Coming to BYU–H on University Business

    Travelers Coming to BYU–H on University Business

    Vendors and non-university personnel being brought to the University for business purposes must use Travel Services to do their airline booking, hotel and car rental if all expenses are being paid by the university. Outside personnel are also subject to the BYU-H per diem rates for Hawaii