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End User Agreement - Verizon

By receiving this form, you agree to all the terms of use associated with the Brigham Young University–Hawaii - VERIZON ‘ohana plan. In order to benefit from the discounts and service provided by VERIZON as well as the BYU–Hawaii Store, please read all the terms to ensure complete understanding and compliance. You will be held responsible for full cooperation and adherence to these rules and procedures.


All services including plan and device changes, billing changes, changes in responsibility, and any other financial charge incurring transactions will be requested though the BYU–Hawaii Store by one point of contact: the employee linked with the payroll deduction. This BYUH employee will act as the ‘ohana manager for all lines associated with the employee.

VERIZON Cellular Plan

By entering into this agreement, the employee understands and agrees to enter a two-year cell phone plan with VERIZON on each device (unless user brings their own device, in which case the user is in a month-to-month agreement) and service plan billed to the ‘ohana manager's payroll deduction and agree to VERIZON's terms as amended by BYU–Hawaii's negotiated pricing and program enhancements. (See VERIZON personal cell phone plan and pricing). VERIZON charges are paid by BYUH and then billed to the ‘ohana manager through payroll deduction for full-time and part-time employees or Quote Machine for retired employees.

At BYUH's discretion (see termination clause below) or the ‘ohana manager's discretion, device(s) and service plan(s) may be terminated from the BYUH VERIZON ‘ohana plan by notifying the BYU–Hawaii Store. Consequently, the terminated device(s) and service plan(s) will be transferred to an VERIZON IL (Individual Liable) plan with any remaining two-year VERIZON plan commitment. Any fees associated with plan costs already incurred and any associated fees to transfer from the BYUH VERIZON ‘ohana plan will be billed to the user through the ‘ohana manager's payroll deduction. After the device(s) and service plans(s) are transferred to an VERIZON IL account(s), any VERIZON IL account fees or charges are the responsibility of the user(s) of the device and service plan and not Brigham Young University–Hawaii.

International Usage

Please check with the BYU–Hawaii Store for current VERIZON international plans and pricing. All charges as a result of international usage will be added to your payroll deduction for full-time and part-time employees or Quote Machine for retirees.

Billing Methods

Full-Time and Part-Time Employees

Billing for all lines connected with the ‘ohana manager will be processed through payroll deduction for regular full-time faculty and staff.


Billing for all lines connected with the retiree will be sent to the ‘ohana manager's Quote Machine for payment processing and by no other method. There will be no paper invoices or paper monthly statements provided. The ‘ohana manager will receive an email when the billing is posted to Quote Machine along with other standard notification processes within Quote Machine. Statements as well as unpaid charge amounts will be emailed through Quote Machine.

Billing Detail

Billing procedures and bill access will differ from a typical retail ‘ohana plan. Because the users will be associated with the BYUH corporate agreement, all management of the bills goes through the BYU–Hawaii Store. Bill detail can be requested by sending an email request to BYU–Hawaii Store The first bill includes a full month in advance of monthly charges, plus a pro-rated portion of monthly charges depending on when the line is activated during the current billing period. A period of 12 months of records is maintained and available should you need it. Phones shipped out of state (ordered by our office but sent directly to user not in Hawaii), then the device is charged applicable sales tax by that state. Please direct all bill-related questions to

Non-Payment of Delinquent Quote Machine Charges

All charges are posted in Quote Machine the beginning of the month. Charges are due 25 days after posting to Quote Machine. If charges are unpaid at the beginning of the following month, the account will be considered delinquent. An email will be sent to the ‘Ohana manager (employee) indicating that all lines associated with the ‘Ohana manager may be suspended if payment is not received within seven days. Suspended lines cannot make or receive calls and cannot access data connections. Service will only be restored once cell phone charges are paid and the account for the ‘ohana manager is no longer 30 days delinquent. After making the appropriate payment, the ‘ohana manager should contact the BYU–Hawaii Store at (808) 675-3569 during hours listed below. Once the BYU–Hawaii Store validates that no delinquent charges past 30 days exist, cell phone service to all lines associated with the ‘ohana manager will be reinstated.

Collection of Delinquent Account Charges Resulting From Quote Machine

I agree that if all charges I incur are not paid by the due date and if, for the purposes of collecting the amount due, BYUH should retain an attorney or collection agency, I will pay all costs of collection including reasonable interest, reasonable attorney’s fees, and reasonable collection agency fees, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 40% of the debt. I also agree to allow BYUH or its agent to contact me by email or cell phone to collect the debt. I also authorize BYUH or its agent to use automated telephone dialing equipment, and to use artificial or pre-recorded voice messages in their efforts to contact me. Further I understand that I may withdraw my consent for BYUH or its agent to use automated telephone dialing equipment or artificial or pre-recorded voice messages to contact me by submitting my request to the BYU–Hawaii Store in writing or verbally at the BYUH Store Laie, HI 96762; (808) 675-3569 or verbally or in writing to the applicable agent contacting me on behalf of BYUH. Finally, I understand that my delinquent account may be reported to one or more of the national credit reporting agencies.

Data Usage

Users on the unlimited data plan don't incur overage charges, but speeds may be slowed down after 10GB. It is the responsibility of the user to be aware of their data usage. Most devices have an option in the settings to see current data usage and many can be set on a monthly basis to coincide with the 25th of each month, which is the billing and data usage cycle for BYUH lines.

Customer Service

The BYU–Hawaii Store cellphone desk is open 9 am to 4:30 pm Monday - Friday. We are closed Tuesday and Thursday from 10:45 am - 12:15 pm for campus devotional and staff meeting. We can answer any of your technical support/service-related issues during normal office hours. We are not an authorized repair center; however, we can inform you of your available options in terms of cell phone repair.

BYUH has partnered with VERIZON to offer a dedicated 24 hour/day seven days/weekBYUH support number, 1-800-922-0204, for after-hours emergency services. This number will assist with the following: questions about phones, troubleshooting, swaps and general inquiries that do not require revenue impacting changes. If the customer attempts to make a change that is revenue impacting in nature (adding or removing cost associated items), they will be referred to the BYU–Hawaii Store.


The VERIZON plan does not include insurance for any devices on the BYUH account. BYUH, suggest you look into Apple Care+ or Samsung Care+.


The BYU–Hawaii Store can assist with accessories such as screen protectors, cases, etc. However, any stated or implied warranties or guarantees are between the user and the accessories manufacturer. Most devices come with a USB cable.

Parental Controls

Contact our office for parental control options. Most smart phone devices can be set up to block texting, or data, or SMS messaging. However, the monthly costs will remain the same even though some services may be blocked.

Google Voice Ineligibility

If your VERIZON number is on our corporate plan, it is not eligible to be used as a Google Voice number or for Google Voice services. You may still be able to use other Google services such as voicemail or alternatively create and use a different Google voice number.


BYUH reserves the right to terminate any user or individual at any time from the VERIZON ‘Ohana Plan. In addition, if an individual leaves employment of the university, his/her ‘ohana manager account (and all associated devices and service plans) will be transferred at BYUH's discretion from a the BYUH corporate payroll deduction and Quote Machine billing to an individual liable VERIZON agreement. If device(s) and services plan(s) under an ‘ohana manager account are transferred to an individual liable VERIZON agreement, any remaining VERIZON contract terms (as referenced under "VERIZON Cellular Plan") will remain in place, and any commitments and/or charges after a transfer to a VERIZON individual liable account will be the responsibility of the individual user(s) of the devices(s) and service plan(s) and not Brigham Young University–Hawaii.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, contact Luana Solomon at (808) 675-3569.